Cocktail Carmen's Freezer Door Margaritas

Freezer Door Margarita

Get ready for Cinco de Mayo with my Freezer Door Margaritas 🪅🍸


Serves 7

  • 350ml Tequila Reposado (try my fav @elrayotequila)
  • 175ml Orange Liqueur
  • 140ml Supasawa*
  • 20ml Agave
  • 15ml Water


  1. Add all ingredients to an empty 700ml bottle and shake well, pop in the freezer for at least 2 hours.
  2. When you’re ready to serve, shake the bottle very well and pour out 100ml (1 serving) into a coupe glass rimmed with salt. Cheers!

*Supasawa is a bartender’s best friend - a sour mix to replace using fresh lime. It will keep your Margarita fresher for longer in the freezer. Supasawa is available widely at Master of Malt and Amazon.



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