Bajan rums

Bajan rums

Lets talk rum, baby!

I have been very lucky and been soaking up the sun in Barbados for the last couple weeks. So of course it would make sense I would be kicking off the blog talking about rum. Barbados is steeped deep in history for rum making for hundreds of years. If you are ever going to make a trip over to this beautiful island there are so many incredible distilleries to visit and try their magnificent liquid. Here's a little recap to two of my favs and the rums they are making.

Mount Gay

The oldest distillery in Barbados, Mount Gay makes one of my go to rums.

Eclipse is a go to staple in my home bar. Crisp, smooth with lots of notes of vanilla and banana. My go to for a great rum punch.

XO higher price point but this is wonderful liquid for your more spirit forward cocktails. Got rich notes of salted caramel and baked figs delicious if you like more of an aged rum.

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Image source: Mount Gay Rum,


Great tour and really close to the airport so if you are staying on that side of the island its close in a taxi. If you like a spiced rum, Foursquare makes a classic. Lots of flavour of toffee apples with sweet spices. They also produce the brand Doorly’s which I love their 12 year aged variant. This is delicious if you want to spend a little more on a complex rum. Aged on ex bourbon casks this is incredibly smooth lots of notes coconut pineapple and sultana perfect for a Penicillin or Dark and Stormy.

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